Now in its 26th year
2023-2024 School Year: American II 1860-Modern Age

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What makes us different?

Close Community Support ~ Drop off Class ~ Multiple Learning Approaches ~ Weekly Assessments and Grades ~ Time Tested and Proven for 26 Years

EAL can be summed up in this acronym. What is emphasized at EAL?
W. - Writing - Learning to write at least 18 different kinds of genres including the research paper, with proficiency in grammar and editing.
R. - Reading - Beginning with an emphasis on phonics and emphasizing the beauty, imagination, and inspiration of "living books", and the value of a strong vocabulary.
I. - Integrity and Interaction - Character and integrity are presented in literature and class discussions, as well as continual group interaction.
T. - Thinking Skills and Talents - Emphasizing critical and creative thinking through the teaching of the humanities including literature, geography, history, philosophy, art and music history and encouraging each student to discover, pursue, and improve his God-given talents.
E. - Elocution/Speaking Skills - Encouraging each student in the art of elocution through weekly activities, games, and special projects.

What makes us different? Click here
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