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Summer Reading List for American I

Summer Reading is optional, but highly recommended.

Please note that all students who read at least 2 of the books listed (reading more than 2 is highly recommended, but 2 reports of 2 books are required for the party) and complete a report on EACH book using one of the approved forms (sent at a later time) will be able to participate in a pizza or ice cream sundae party on the 2nd day of class at the beginning of the year. Forms will be sent to all registered EAL students.

All of these books will greatly benefit the students in literary and historical understanding of our study of American literature and history for the upcoming year. These books will also be a great addition to your home library. However, many can be found at your local library.


Katie’s Trunk by Turner

Thy Friend, Obadiah by Turkle

Obadiah, the Bold by Turkle

Rachel and Obadiah by Turkle

The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dalgliesh

The Fourth of July Story by Alice Dalgliesh

Step Into Reading Books (2nd and 3rd graders may be able to read these themselves):

Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares

The First Thanksgiving

George Washington and the General’s Dog

Christopher Columbus

Thomas Jefferson’s Feast

A Picture Book of (by Adler):

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Ben Franklin

Betsy Ross by Wallner

Three Young Pilgrims by Harness

Middle Grades 4th-8th:

Phoebe the Spy by Griffin

Can’t You Make them Behave, King George? By Fritz

Where was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? By Fritz

George Washington’s Breakfast by Fritz

Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution by Fritz

The Declaration of Independence by Fink

The Boston Tea Party by Freedman

They Called Her Molly Pitcher by Rockwell

What are Presidents Made Of? By Piven

D’Aulaire’s books:



John, Paul, George, and Ben by Smith

The Hatmaker’s Sign Retold by Fleming

Yankee Doodle America by Minor

For Liberty by Decker

We the People by Cheney

We the People by Spier

Fever 1793

The Light in the Forest by Richter (suggested for 8th graders)

The Year of the Hangman by Blackwood (suggested for 8th graders)

Blood on the River-Jamestown by Carbone (7th and 8th graders)

Poison in the Colony-Jamestown by Carbone (7th and 8th graders)

HIGH SCHOOL Grades 9-12: (High schoolers are required to read 2 books this year since they are not that long.)

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave (This is in the Norton Anthology the students will be reading this year. I highly recommend reading it over the summer to get a head start and because it is SO good! We read it the last 3 weeks of school and those weeks are usually very rushed, so it would be great to read it now.)

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

Moby Dick by Melville (You may read the condensed version.)

Any of the works of Jonathan Edwards (except “Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God”)

Billy Budd by Herman Melville

The Light in the Forest by Richter

The Year of the Hangman by Blackwood (a novel about the Revolutionary War)

The Seeds of America Trilogy: Chains; Forge; Ashes by Laurie Anderson (written from the slaves’ point of view)

Boston Jane: An Adventure by Holm (a trilogy)

SUGGESTED RESOURCE BOOKS FOR ALL GRADE LEVELS: (These books will also count for summer reading if a report is done.)

The Buck Stops Here-The Presidents of the United States by Provensen (highly recommended to learn all the Presidents with rhyme and beautiful art.)

The Picture History of Great Inventors by Clements (highly recommended for your library and for those interested in inventions and inventors.)