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Testimonials of Parents whose children attended Jill Dixon's EAL

I have had this on my mind for several days.
I want to publicly thank Jill Dixon for being a wonderful teacher and friend to my children.
My daughter, Hannah, was in Jill's Integrated Literature, Language Arts and History classes from 4th grade until she graduated last year.
Hannah is currently attending a local college and taking English and Literature classes.  Almost every day when I ask her how her day was, she answers "Thank you Mrs. Jill!!!" Hannah declares that "Miss Jill prepared me for exactly what these college professors expect. She taught me how to write a paragraph, a five paragraph Essay, Expository and Creative Writing, how to edit, how to write a Research Paper, and, most importantly, she taught me MLA format."

Apparently, MLA is the holy grail of College English Professors. 
So, thanks again Jill!

Becky K.


My kids took Jill Dixon's class for nine years (beginning when it was only a Creative Writing Class). I can't begin to list all the benefits we have enjoyed as a result, but I will say that my kids are good writers, love books and can zip out an essay in their sleep! 
Jill took subjects that I wasn't completely confident in and made a huge impact on our home school and on our family. It was money well spent and time well invested for our kids to learn from Jill, not just English, Literature and History, but also character, respect, love of learning and lots of hands on activities.
Our kids have different learning styles and we that feel that this course work met the needs of each style and accommodated their strengths and even complimented them.
Test scores showed high marks in vocabulary and language and I attribute that to the study of Greek and Latin roots, the careful selection of excellent curriculum and Ms. Jill herself. Her kind heart and genuine love for her students is something that will stay with my kids, long after their formal education is over. We are blessed to have had the privilege to attend her classes and highly recommend them to you and your family.

Debbie M.


Our three children have been in Jill Dixon's Eclectic classes since the classes' inception. Our two older children went to local private schools for the last few years of high school, and seamlessly entered their English and history classes. Our oldest took the Western Civ. AP test after tenth grade and scored a 5, the highest grade. He was awarded the school's traditional gold medal in American History in his junior year.  He also scored well on the English AP, and along with another AP test was able to enter college with 15 hours of credit. His English SAT score was 710, with a 10 score on the writing portion. The next child who went to high school, despite some attention challenges, performed at grade level and did manage to score well on her SAT, particularly the English and writing portions. Our children reported that they had been exposed to more classic literature than any of their private-high-school peers. Most of the summer reading lists they were given included books they had already read for Mrs. Jill, so they were able to skim back over them with ease. Our last child wanted to be home schooled until he graduated, and continued in the English classes all the way through. He took the CLEP Freshman Composition test and scored what would be comparable to an A, then entered college in the sophomore Honors English, in which he is currently making a high B. At our home school graduation ceremony, he acknowledged Mrs. Jill's contributions to his education (as did many of his peers). I mention my children's test scores only because colleges, in the real world, do look at numbers and tests as they evaluate a student's readiness for higher education. We were also pleased that their work with Mrs. Jill saved time and money in college! But what is even more a testimony to Mrs. Jill's curriculum is that my children have learned to write and communicate clearly, and all read for enjoyment, in addition to their required reading for school. Our family tried to instill these values in our earliest years of home schooling around the kitchen table, and then Mrs. Jill's classes reinforced this love of learning. Being with a group of like-minded students made public-speaking and performing Shakespeare possible, things that a small family was not as conducive to doing. Our family loved the festivals with food, costumes, plays, and even square-dancing that celebrated the various time-periods of history and literature we had studied. Now that all of our children have completed high school, I look back at Mrs. Jill's classes as the best preparation for college that our home schooling family could have done.

Wendy N.


My college freshman has commented more than once that he has no problem writing an essay because of what he learned in Mrs. Jill's class.

Under Jill Dixon, my son has made a smooth transition to high school. Writing is no longer a dreaded ordeal and he continues to build his skills as well as his confidence through the constant encouragement he receives there.

Donna G.


My children have participated in Jill Dixon's class for the past four years.
Jill has been the glue that has held our homeschooling experience together
during those few days a year (ha) when we begin to think we are crazy! In
Jill's class, our kids have gained the confidence to speak in front of
others, the desire to pursue their interests using their own creativity,
and the confidence to write and read for enjoyment and knowledge. Jill
guides them through the year with an invisible hand, gently, but firmly.
Jill's class has been a true asset to our home school adventure.

Devon H.


I've been home schooling for about nine years. I highly recommend this class and it would be easier for anyone wanting a reference to call me than it would be for me to write all of the things that we like about this class. This class makes learning fun and builds the students up instead of putting them down or making them feel inadequate. We like the way the subjects cross over to one another. The time period being studied, carries over to history, literature, art projects, etc. That helps students see how many different things were going on at the same time. My children have benefited greatly from all aspects of this class, but if I had to pick one thing that has helped them the most, it would be learning to write essays and research papers. My daughter is in an academically challenging high school now, and being prepared in this area has been a life saver, literally. My son still takes this class, and is finding the same to be true. While all aspects of this class make learning fun, he is learning how to write essays and research papers, too. Ms. Jill is such a gifted, patient, understanding and talented teacher and she makes this class interesting and challenging, while being encouraging and uplifting at the same time. She has taught my kids to believe in themselves and to never give up. That alone is priceless. The education is just icing on the cake!    

Kay A.