Online (Virtual) Classes

For students who are outside the areas of our local campuses, we are very pleased to announce the opening of our virtual academy coming this fall 2021. We've had many requests for an online version of our classes. Now that need can be fulfilled.

We will be offering Medieval Literature, Medieval History, and World Geography for Grades 6-8 and British Literature, Grammar, Vocabulary and Composition for Grades 9-12 and Medieval and World History, Church History, and World Geography for Grades 9-12. High schoolers are permitted to take both classes at a discounted price for a total of 4 high school credits or they can take the high school history and literature classes separately.

Monthly Tuition Prices are as follows:

Middle School (Grades 6-8) Medieval History, World Geography and Medieval Literature (This course also includes Grammar and Vocabulary.) 3-4 hours per week virtual class: $125.00 per student per month

High School British Literature, Composition, Vocabulary and Grammar - 2 hours per week: $85.00 per student per month (2 credits)

High School Medieval and World History, World Geography, and Church History - 1 and ½ to 2 hours per week :
$70.00 per student per month (2 credits)

High School British Lit and History combined classes for a total of 4 credits: $145.00 per student per month

Special Note: A $10.00 discount per student per month is applied to all families who have multiple registered students in online classes.

Required Forms
All parents/guardians of online students will receive three online forms which must be completed prior to being accepted into the virtual class. After completion of those forms and payment of your 1st month's tuition, students and parents/guardians will each receive a unique email address that must be used in all online classroom settings. These email addresses can only be used in the virtual classroom environment. Do not attempt to use your personal email address(es) in the online classroom environment.

A one-time non-refundable annual fee of $80.00 per student - paid in full before the first homework coursepack is issued

Homework Coursepacks
A one-time non-refundable annual fee of $74.00 per student (covers both semesters) - paid in full before the 1st coursepack of the 1st semester coursepacks is issued - Weekly coursepacks are issued as part of each week's assignment in the virtual classroom.

Special Note: The total due of $154.00 is to be paid as part of registration, which also secures your child's place in class. You will receive further instructions when you are sent the online agreement forms links. Your agreement to those instructions found in the three forms is part of securing your place in the online class.

Required Writing Books
Write the the Best Vol. 1 for middle school and Vol. 2 for high school are required for these classes. We give a 20% discount off of the retail price for these required books. Do not purchase these books from our curricula website because these discounts are not applied there. You will be invoiced for the special price. A minimal Media Mail shipping fee will also be applied. If you already own one one these books for your student, you will not need to make a repurchase. We will give you instructions about this through a separate required books online form at the time of registration.

Required Geography Material
Every online class student is required to purchase Geography Songs - Sing Around the World/Kit CD by Larry and Kathy Troxel. This kit has a CD and geography maps. The ISBN for this material is 9781883028138

Online Teacher - JoAnn Bradley

If you choose this online virtual class option, email the person listed as the contact for Registration, Monthly Tuition, and Bookkeeping for online students under the contact link tab.