Now in its 25th year
2022-2023 School Year: American I 1500-1860

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We offer in-person classes at three campuses in Georgia: Savannah, Rincon, and Augusta. We are excited to announce the new campus in Mesquite, Texas. Visit the Contact link page for contact information for your local campus.

Top Stories

  • News flash! This year we offer Human Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, and New Math Options
  • This year we are teaching American I
    Description of Year: We'll cover History, American Government I, Literature, Major Writing Projects, Vocabulary, Speech/Drama, Study/Critical Thinking/Research Skills, Geography, Grammar, Acted Celebrations (see the picture on the right of a previous American 1 Celebration group), and, as usual, high school students will receive their needed credits.
  • We offer Science and Math classes on Thursdays for grades K-8 at our Savannah Campus.
  • We offer Accreditation for high school students who take our local classes.
    Accreditation Description: Again this year, we are fully accredited by the State of Georgia for high school students who attend EAL classes in our area. See Accreditation under the Links tab.