Stand out from the rest!   Parental Testimonials about Jill Dixon's EAL   Stand out from the rest!


As the mother of two high school students, I can honestly say that Jill Dixon’s Eclectic Academy of Learning (EAL), has truly been a blessing for my family! I do not say that lightly. My children were products of the public school system until their high school years. In fact, my son was a rising junior and my daughter a rising freshman, when my husband and I made the decision to homeschool. As a teacher myself, in the public schools, this was a difficult decision for us to make.  After being referred to Mrs. Dixon’s Academy, I enrolled both of my children the summer prior to the beginning of school, albeit with a little apprehension. After all, this was going to be their first year being homeschooled, and I didn’t know whether The Academy would be the “right fit” for my two teenagers. Well, it only took a few weeks for me to know that The Eclectic Academy of Learning was indeed the “right fit”!  Theresa

EAL's Explorer class has been the highlight of our homeschooling this year. My Kindergartner and 2nd grader love going to class. We enjoy the material that they learn and I love the structure and accountability that it provides me. I also like that it is easily adaptable to the needs of the family and students as individuals. We love Jill Dixon's Class and look forward to many more years with it!! Aubrey

We are some rewarded homeschoolers here in Savannah to have Ms. Jill’s Academy! 
The curriculum is excellent—rooted in a solid foundation of the literary canon and a thoughtful survey of World History.  While many give lip service to “different styles of learning,” Ms. Jill’s Academy really does provide a varied educational experience, which any student can readily access.  In an atmosphere that brings out excellence without driving unduly hard, students my daughter’s age (8th grade) are acquiring critical thinking, writing, and reading comprehension skills, as well as cultural knowledge and an understanding of history—all of which will serve them very well in high school and beyond.  Ms. Jill’s love of learning, literature, and—especially—her students, who are an unusually sweet bunch of adolescents, is the most important ingredient of all.  We are very grateful to have found this gem.  Elisabeth

This is our first year homeschooling and my daughter and I have found EAL to be a huge blessing as we begin this journey. Having the curriculum supplied has taken a burden off of me and I’ve greatly appreciated the direction and support of teachers, staff and other moms. For my daughter, it gives her a much desired social outlet and weekly accountability. She looks forward to it every week!  Rebecca

Our family has been so blessed by EAL.  I had so many doubts when we decided to go all in and homeschool our children.  Jill has given us the know how and she has loved and guided us every step of the way.  I am on my fourth year of this journey and I am so grateful to be here. You can do it, and your family will be so blessed by it.  Paula

We have had two daughters attend EAL  beginning in the fifth grade. Our oldest is a senior who is dual enrolling. She is excelling  in her college level writing and history classes. Both of our daughters have gained a love of history and writing through Jill’s excellent curriculum.

ELA and Ms. Jill have been life changing for my son. The multi-sensory approach to learning that she uses is right on target and has tremendously help his learning and retention. Many thanks to her for all of the time and effort that she puts into each student.  Catherine 

Jill Dixon's Eclectic Academy of Learning has been a blessing for our son with language learning disabilities.  The curriculum has been easy to modify when necessary and has helped build our son's vocabulary skills.  He enjoys all of the various classroom activities that enhance the at home activities.  Jill Dixon and her staff care about each student and work with their strengths to help them succeed.  Abby

This has been our first year of homeschooling, and I was so nervous about the process and what to do for my kids.  After meeting Ms. Jill I was immediately put at ease, and she made me feel like I could actually do it. (Having someone else believe you can do it really does make a big difference.)  It’s perfect for our family, and I’m so glad we found her and the Eclectic Academy.  Kelley

Jill Dixon's Eclectic Academy has been an invaluable addition to our homeschooling.
I highly recommend her comprehensive history and language arts program, which is thorough and engaging and allows for different learning styles. I especially appreciate the commitment and kindness of the classroom facilitators/instructors, who give me the accountability I need and offer my children additional motivation and encouragement.  Leslie