Eclectic Academy of Learning - Dress Code

Take care to follow this dress code to ensure a professional and academic environment for all students.


Shirts must be girl button down polo’s with 2-3 buttons------navy blue or red.

No camis that show are allowed under the polos and no cleavage is allowed.

Girls can wear knee length khaki skirts with leggings, long khaki uniform pants, or bermuda uniform khaki shorts. Skirts MUST come to the knee when standing. Please note that skirts must be worn with leggings at all times, and skorts are no longer allowed. Pants and shorts cannot be tight at all. Spandex pants and regular khaki pants are not allowed, but only uniform khaki pants. If the uniform pants have a small percentage of spandex, please get a bigger size so they will not be tight.


Shirts must be boy polo shirts----navy blue or red.

Boys can wear any Khaki uniform pants. Pants with many pockets on the side are not allowed.

Boys may also wear khaki uniform shorts to the knee.


No flip flops or opened toe shoes are allowed.


If teenagers choose to wear hoodies all day and not take them off, they must wear the hoodies with the logo so it is a uniform.

The dress code will be checked, and those who are not dressed properly will call their parents immediately to bring an appropriate outfit or the students will be given one of our uniforms we keep at school to change into.

Thank you for your cooperation in following this dress code.