Kindergarten through 3rd Grade (This grade range is also known as Explorers Class.)
$115.00 per student per month

Middle School - 4th through 7th Grade
$145.00 per student per month

High School - 8th though 12th Grade
$160.00 per student per month

Special Note: A $10.00 discount per student per month is applied to all families who have multiple paying students in any of our classes.

A one-time non-refundable annual fee of $80.00 per student - paid in full before homework coursepacks are issued

Homework Coursepacks
A one-time non-refundable annual fee of $74.00 per student - paid in full before the 1st semester coursepacks are issued - Coursepacks are issued twice per year in person in class, once at the beginning of each semester.

Special Note: The total due of $154.00 is to be paid as part of registration, which also secures your child's place in class. You will receive instructions about registration when you are sent the online agreement forms links.

Required Writing Books
Write the the Best Vol. 1 for middle school and Vol. 2 for high school are required for these classes. We give a 20% discount off of the retail price for these required books. No shipping charges are applied and we pay the taxes on these purchases. Do not purchase these books from our website because these discounts are not applied there. You will receive your books in person on the first day of class. If you already own one one these books for your student, you will not need to make a repurchase. We will give you instructions about this at the time of registration.