Bonny Dixon

Bonny Dixon holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and journalism and has 7 years of teaching experience in Spanish to grades PK-12, English Language Arts (ELA) to grades 2-12, and English as a Second Language to grades PK-8. She is the founder, director, and grades 4-12 ELA teacher of the Augusta campus of Jill Dixon's Eclectic Academy of Learning, which will begin its fourth year in the fall of 2022. In addition to EAL each week, Bonny teaches ELA and Spanish, both online and in person, to more than 50 other students (of all schooling backgrounds) under her LLC, Bonny Dixon's Classes.

Bonny married EAL Founder Jill Dixon’s second-born, Evan, 7 years ago, and she and Evan have a 4-year-old daughter, Edith (“Edi”), and a 6-year-old goldendoodle, Maximilian (“Max”). They live in Athens, Georgia, and Bonny and Edi happily commute to Augusta once a week for EAL. As a family, the Athens Dixons enjoy reading, watching movies, walking trails, going out to eat, seeing live music and theatre performances, and traveling.

EAL Augusta meets on Tuesdays during the regular school year and enrolls new students year-round. Contact Bonny at with questions or interest.