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Calendar of Events

The Medieval World

The first day of class at the Savannah Campus is Tuesday, 8/24/21.

The first day of class at the Rincon Campus and the Augusta Campus is Tuesday, 8/10/21.

All classes at these campuses run for 35 weeks with named breaks and appointed festivals (time-period celebrations). These celebrations include plays, readings, class and artwork exhibits, a meal (a time period feast), and dancing. The dancing, like the meal, is for everyone's active participation. Parents and invited guests make up the audience for the plays, readings, and observances of class work and artwork.

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  • Events:
    We are currently accepting applications for enrollment in the Savannah, Rincon, and Augusta, GA EAL Campuses. We are also accepting applications for our online classes.
  • Events Requirements:
    If you have received your class enrollment email with initial instructions, including completing the three required online forms, please complete those forms so that you can be invoiced for registration and/or coursepacks and needed books. Completing the forms and paying your initial registration/coursepacks/books invoice is required for securing your place in the class.
  • If you have not received the email and you are interested in joining EAL in one of its locales or online, contact the appropriate person under the Contact tab.

Upcoming Events for the Savannah Campus

  • Event: Fall Field Trip to The Telfair Museum - Here we will learn about its art, history, and architecture.
  • Event: Spring Field Trip to St. John's Cathedral/downtown Savannah - Here we will go on a scavenger hunt in search of Medieval architecture.