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Become a director of an academy at your location while homeschooling your own children and earn income for your family. As an added benefit, you will also receive free curricula from us for your immediate family.


Here's how it works: All directors enter into an annual license agreement with us prior to each academic school year. Directors are not our employees, nor are they independent or subcontractors with us. Therefore, we don't pay any directors taxes or expenses. We file no reports regarding director income with the IRS. It is the responsibility of each director to report monies earned for the tax year. We do not remind directors of any tax related issues. As holding a license agreement with us, directors are responsible for their own taxes and expenses as they are self-employed for tax purposes. All teachers and/or helpers who work for directors are their employees or bartered help.

Directors are encouraged to barter with potential teachers and/or aids in order to receive assistance for class instruction and oversight. Bartering also helps moms (potential teachers) who want to benefit from the class, but would like to trade-off regarding class tuition. This proven system goes a long way to facilitate the success of each class and to give teaching and oversight relief to directors. It helps spread the workload and is a great aid to directors regarding various class duties. Any wages or salary that directors enter into by agreement with their teachers and/or assistants are solely at the discretion of each director.

Directors keep all monies received as registration fees. We receive no part of registration fees. Registration fees go towards building rents (although often these are secured as bartered deals or are donated by willing persons), administration costs, insurance, etc. As with teachers and class assistants, these costs are determined and executed by directors. We have nothing to do with any of these issues.

All terms of the directorship and director's annual license agreement are clearly spelled out in the agreement-proper and are contractually agreed upon prior to the beginning of accepting students for the upcoming school year.

The coursepacks fee is an annual, one-time and non-refundable charge for both semesters of each school year. It is collected by us from each parent and/or guardian prior to the beginning of the school year. Everyone who attends the classes purchases the homework coursepacks. The homework coursepacks fee for the 2022-2023 school year is $79.00. It is a per student fee. Directors are not responsible for collecting the homework coursepacks fees. Homework coursepacks will be mailed to the director's address twice a year, once before the start of each semester. Directors deliver the coursepacks to students. It is recommended to hand-deliver the coursepacks in class to avoid any delivery expense.

Your will need at least 10 paying students to start an academy in your area.

We offer guidance and advice for all Directors.

Directors pay: Directors keep 70% of all monies received as tuition. As you can see, receiving 70% of all tuition collected for a rather modest amount of paying students will add up quickly for significant income for directors and their families. Click this link for current tuition costs.

If you are interested in becoming a director of an academy at your location, send us an email at tld@jilldixon.com and place "Director" in the subject line (without the quotation marks). Make sure to tell us where you are located. Please provide your first and last name in the email.

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