Accreditation Services Offered through EAL and the Georgia
Accrediting Commission

The Benefits of Accreditation include:

-High school Counseling and Guidance (the same duties of a high school counselor)

-College Counseling and Advisement (including sending accredited transcripts to colleges)

~A Completed Accredited High School Transcript

-Communication and correspondence with Ga. Futures, The Georgia Finance Commission, and HOPE scholarship

-Receiving the HOPE scholarship immediately instead of retroactively like most homeschoolers -Lower requirement of SAT and ACT scores ( not the higher scores required of most homeschoolers)***This is crucial for students who do not do well on these kinds of tests. -Accredited students are treated the same as private school students -Not required to turn in class descriptions of all high school classes or a senior summation exam like other homeschoolers

- Easier application process to colleges and universities -Easier application process to the military and college athletic programs -GED not required to get into the military or other programs -Acceptance to a bigger variety of colleges and universities

Accreditation fees are very affordable-—approximately $45.00 per month during the school year or $450.00 a school year

Why take on all high school planning, transcript work and HOPE scholarship correspondence when you can pay someone else to do it for just $45.00 per month?

8th grade students should start thinking NOW about enrolling in 9th grade.

Please contact Robin DiMarco, the administrative secretary for information. 912-484-3126 or robin@iilldixon.com