Now in its 23rd year


Our in-person class start date is Tuesday, 8/18/20. Masks will be required for everyone 10 years of age and older, unless a medical condition precludes wearing one. If your child has such a condition, contact us before class begins so that your student can be exempted from this requirement. Physical distancing measures, sanitation procedures, and temperature checks will be administered for each class. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be required to leave. (This is the default temperature for action to be taken in Georgia.) If you have any symptoms of sickness, do not come to class. Anyone arriving at class with symptoms of illness or later showing symptoms of illness will be required to leave.

If things change, and attending class in person becomes restricted, we will contact all class members via email and give updates in this news post. At that time we will move to online classes, just like we did at the end of last year. We had a very good end-of-year experience with online classes.

Top Stories

  • This year we are teaching The Ancient World
    Description of Year: We'll cover History, Literature, Major Writing Projects, Vocabulary, Spanish, Science, Bible/Inspirational, Speech/Drama, Study/Critical Thinking/Research Skills, Geography, Grammar, Acted Celebrations (see the picture on the right of a previous Ancient World Celebration group), and, as usual, high school students will receive their needed credits.
  • We offer Accreditation for high school students who take our local classes.
    Accreditation Description: Again this year, we are fully accredited by the State of Georgia for high school students who attend EAL classes in our area. Contact us under the Contact Link if you are interested in Accreditation.